ScreenHunter Free

ScreenHunter Free Version 7.0 Free

To capture the screenshot partly or completely with a mouse click from screenshots of webpages, software and video screen which can be saved in JPEG, GIF or BMP format

ScreenHunter Free version allows the user to capture the desktop screenshots and save them in various supported formats. This free version is for individual users who needs an effective image editor and capture software. People need the original screenshots of the desktop applications, webpages, and programs for a variety of reasons. Capturing high quality screenshots is difficult with image editors. ScreenHunter allow a person to capture full or parts of a screenshot image and edit it according to the need. Using the mouse pointer, image can be captured, edited and resized if you have this software in your computer. There is no need to be a master editor to capture screenshots of images if you have this program. ScreenHunter also come with step by step guide for installation and tutorial. After capturing the image, images can be converted into different formats. The program support JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF formats. ScreenHunter use a small memory, the software is faster and does not affect the computer performance. You can use other image editor services at the same time. For graphics designers, web developers and professional image editors, this little software can be a great tool for creative designing. It is also suitable for professional use.
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